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Boduo Group Deployment Conference in Mid-2015 Ended Successfully

10th Aug,2015



Mr Wang introduced “paving the way for entrepreneurs who have a dream ” is the mission of The Special bird& chain. In the past ten years, the company has provided the most complete training system and the most responsible management services to improve the franchisees’ earning expectations .


The conference was prescribed over by the group vice president, Peng Qiusheng, and led by group chairman Yu Tong and general manager Zhang Aiqun and other executives. The company’s management, each department and branch head for a total of 53 attended.


24 department heads in the whole company reported for the work in the first half of 2015. Chairman Yu and general manager Zhang analyzed condition of each department They found the problems, pointed the problems and made suggestions, and encouraged them positively.

Then general manager Zhang Aiqun deeply analyzed the new situation of the company ,and put forward the work of the next half year "Emphasis on food safety, grasp the implementation, performance and team, hold confidence firmly, work solidly, and enhance the development of the company.


The Chairman Yu pointed out that as Myanmar and Japanese branches had established and we also had made a cooperation with Taiwan brands, Buoduo Group 's overseas business has begun steadily. Our company is facing an unprecedented development opportunity. Chairman Yu finally made a summary of the conference.


This conference ended successfully at noon. It summed up the progress and the shortage of the work and the key work of the next half year. During the conference, we fully showed Boduo's working style and Boduo’s sprits by scientific analysis and rich experience.

After the conference, The leaders immediately went to Box and played a real CS. Combatants are in specific equipments, just like a professional team. Because of these lovely people Boduo family can achieves today's brilliant achievements I believe the Boduo people can create more outstanding achievements.

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