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Holley President Xiao Qijing Visited Boduo Group

1th Aug,2015

On the afternoon of July 30,2015,ZheJiang Holley group Xiao QiJing with more than 20 group executives visited the headquarter of Boduo Groups. They conducted a conducuted a second meeting about cooperation on the overseas projects.

The news of Boduo Group

At around 3pm,the guests visited the Boduo Groups. The company personnel department Li Qiong and Fu qiaolin firstly guided the guests to visit the "quarter of the city of food"and gave a brief introduction of the company,in the company's consultant Wang Shuncheng's arrangements. After that, Chairman Yu tong and Holley group President Xiao Qijing meeted, and enthusiastically accompanied them visiting the company , and held a discussion.

The news of Boduo Group

During the visit, Chairman Yu introduced the company's development process and gave a perfect definition for the company's culture "learning, care ,competition". Guests deeply understood the culture of Boduo Group.

The news of Boduo Group

The exchange meeting was presided over by Chairman Yu. At first, Chairman Yu gave a warm welcome to Holley Group guests again. Then, Chairman Yu reviewed the development of Boduo and its entrepreneurial history. For the secret of success the guest put forward, Chairman Yu shared directly and took the company's brand "10 seconds to" as an example, having a detailed and vivid explanation. The meeting continued in a pleasant atmosphere.

The news of Boduo Group

In the exchange meeting, everybody had a good response because of Yu 's interesting speech. He explained the origin and the development of Boduo Group by talking about his own life experience and entrepreneurial experience.

The news of Boduo Group

Finally, Chairman Yu introduced the company's overseas business layout to Holley Group guests and hoped to cooperate with Holley Group to expand mutual advantages and creating a better future. The guests expressed their congratulations and recognition.

After this meeting, the cooperation between the two sides took a big step forward.

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